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Re: RFS: python-translitcodec , python-mongokit

Excerpts from Jakub Wilk's message of Sun Jan 29 05:34:23 -0800 2012:
> * Clint Byrum <clint@ubuntu.com>, 2012-01-28, 15:04:
> >>scripts/update_table.py tries to call sys.exit(), though it never 
> >>imports sys.
> >>
> >>It should be:
> >>
> >>        if not (os.path.exists('translitcodec') and os.path.exists('transtab'))
> >>
> >>rather than:
> >>
> >>        if not os.path.exists('translitcodec') and os.path.exists('transtab')
> >>
> >
> >These seem like upstream bugs that should be opened up.
> Right.

I have been trying to reach the author but have not heard back from him
on any of my questions.

> >>Why "Priority: extra"?
> >I interpreted this library to match the clause in the description in 
> >the policy manual "are only likely to be useful if you already know 
> >what they are".
> Libraries, even the obscure ones, can be useful even when end users 
> know exactly nothing about them.
> Or in other words: if a library has priority "extra", then all the 
> packages that depend on it must also have priority "extra". Is that what 
> you want? :)

This is done now.

> >>It would be nice to run tests with all supported Python versions, not 
> >>only the default one.
> >Can you recommend a good package to look at to implement this?
> python-messaging

This is done as well.

I also conferred with the original author of th transtab/ directory,
and debian-legal, and documented the license of those files.

So, could somebody perhaps consider sponsoring python-translitcodec
into Debian?

It is one of a few modules that are needed by mediagoblin, a python web
application I'm working on packaging.

The other is python-mongokit, which I also haven't heard any feedback


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