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Re: style guide

On Feb 09, 2012, at 01:02 AM, Ben Finney wrote:

>In other words, I'm not directing that as a request to any particular
>people. I'm expressing only the hope that Barry's initial document is,
>in some future form, acknowledged by policy-shapers to embody best
>packaging practices. It's a thank-you to Barry and optimism at the
>document's reception by the community.

Thanks Ben.

My experience with these kinds of things in other communities is one of open,
collaborative discussion about best practices and preferred style.  Over time,
guides like this evolve for all kinds of reasons.  In our case here, new
helpers, interesting new common use cases, epiphanies, ideas from new members,
and such can be discussed and commonly agreed upon, then added to the guide.

You'll never get 100% agreement, but in the spirit of working together, you
can get rough consensus.  This allows the community to, as a team, evolve a
common culture of approaches and coding guidelines that we can all get behind,
and it helps new people ingrain that cultural commonality much more quickly.


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