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Re: Help with my Debian package for Orange


On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 11:02 AM, Piotr Ożarowski <piotr@debian.org> wrote:
>  - remove "-svn" from source/binary package names and move it to version
>   string, f.e. like this: 0.0.10870~svn-2 (if 0.0.10870 is not released
>   yet) or 0.0.10870+svn-2 (if 0.0.10870 is already out)


>   orange source&binary package is already available in Debian, so you
>   will have to choose another name, though

Done. I chose python-orange and orange-canvas.

>  - s/Description: D/Description: d/


> * in debian/changelog, replace "unstable" with UNRELEASED or your own
>  suit name, use unstable only for uploads to official Debian archive


> * *.install files: s/site-packages/*-packages/


> * debian/rules:
>  - is orange.pth really needed?

Yes, because orange directory is not a module, but just contains many
other files, among them orange.so which you want to import with
"import orange".

>  - bash is not really needed to run /usr/bin/orange, please use /bin/sh


>  - replace:
>   dh_python2 -p$@ /usr/lib/python$(DEFAULT_PYTHON)/site-packages/orange/
>   with:
>   dh_python2 -p$@

Package is not compiled without it. But I have changed path to dist-packages.

>  - extension is not build for all supported Python versions

This was my initial problem why I have turned to this mailing list.
And also lintian complains about me changins ld.so.conf. (What is
required because orange.so loads some other libraries from the same
dir and I do not want to use rpath.)

How can I fix this two problems?

I will not yet use "dh" as it looks too magical for me for now. I
would like to understand what is happening. And first have a working
package. Then I can play with cleaning it up. Or would it be easier to
just let dh do everything? I doubt it can be magical enough.


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