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Re: private modules and dh_python2

[Barry Warsaw, 2011-06-10]
> Ah, yeah.  Y'know, I am personally not a fan of private modules anyway :).

/me waits till Barry will try to package his 13th package with
Python application that uses "lib" or "tests" module names...
(or will he break after 4th? Bets anyone? ;)

> Note too in a setuptools(?)/distribute/packaging world, you might not actually
> have a `foo` script in the source at all.  For example, Mailman 3 has this in
> its setup.py:
> template = Template('$script = mailman.bin.$script:main')
> scripts = set(
>     template.substitute(script=script)
>     for script in ('mailman', 'runner', 'master', 'onebounce')
>     )
> setup(
>     ...
>     entry_points    = {
>         'console_scripts' : list(scripts),
>         },
>     ...)
> so in fact /usr/bin/mailman doesn't exist until the system is built out.
> /usr/bin/mailman gets generated and essentially imports the
> `mailman.bin.mailman` module, then runs the main() function.

you realize that setuptools/distribute hardcodes versions and forces you
to depend on python-setuptools/python-pkg-resources, right?
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