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Re: Thoughts on the transition to Python 2.7

On Oct 21, 2010, at 09:15 AM, Luca Falavigna wrote:

>Il 21/10/2010 1.30, Barry Warsaw ha scritto:
>> * Python 2.7 compatibility
>> We need to check both build and installation (i.e. for pure Python packages)
>> compatibility for 2.7.
>We should analyze which differences between 2.6 and 2.7 are relevant for
>the most packages we ship in the archive, in order to avoid runtime
>errors or, worse, logic ones which are quite impossible to notice. This
>way, maintainers are warned about potential issues with 2.7, and can act
>accordingly with proper fixes, not hacks.
>IIRC, 2.6 -> 2.7 doesn't introduce a lot of differences, so this task
>should be easier than previous transitions, but I believe it has to be
>accomplished in advance to provide guidance to our fellow maintainers.

Agreed.  While we can use the What's New document to give us a guide, I think
as we start to add 2.7 support, we'll find a small list of actual problems
that folks need to be aware of.  I once went through the What's New to
identify things I *thought* would be a problem, but I didn't capture that
list.  Now we have a place:


I'll try to do another pass through the What's New to write down some gotchas,
but I may not have time before UDS, so please feel free to edit the page.

>> Fedora has largely completed their transition and I've
>> spoken to Toshio who pointed me at their repository.  They've submitted
>> patches upstream, so hopefully it will be a "simple" matter of sync'ing to the
>> right upstream version, or grabbing the Fedora changes.  We do want to give
>> proper attribution to the Fedora hackers where appropriate of course.  I've
>> already done this for cheetah for natty.  Once I actually fix that ftbfs, I'll
>> look for a sponsor for experimental.
>Is there a quick way to collect/display these patches? Something like
>BTS usertags, or something similar?

Not that I'm aware of.  What I did with cheetah was, 1) merge the latest
upstream; 2) if that still fails, navigate to the Fedora project and see if
they have a Python 2.7 patch.

It might serve us well to have consistent naming for any Python 2.7 patch we
add to our packages.  Suggestions?

>> * dh_python2 transition
>> Piotr and Matthias are keen on transitioning all of our pycentral/pysupport
>> packaging to dh_python2, and I think we should try to do that as we touch
>> packages for 2.7 support, though for a first pass, I think we should do this
>> only where it's easy to change.  For difficult transitions, let's concentrate
>> first on getting 2.7 support, and noting that the package needs to get
>> dh_python2'd later.  There will be plenty of time to clean up the stragglers.
>I agree. Moving to dh_python2 should (usually) be a matter of a
>semi-automated process, so I'd focus more on providing support for 2.7
>and, as the last step, pushing dh_python2 as helper.

+1.  If it can be semi-automated, can we script it?

>> I want to document the plan, any issues or concerns we need to keep in mind,
>> and progress on a page under wiki.debian.org/Python so that everyone can
>> follow along and hopefully participate.
>Fully agreed.

Awesome.  See above for the page link.


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