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Re: Thoughts on the transition to Python 2.7

Il 21/10/2010 1.30, Barry Warsaw ha scritto:
> * Python 2.7 compatibility
> We need to check both build and installation (i.e. for pure Python packages)
> compatibility for 2.7.

We should analyze which differences between 2.6 and 2.7 are relevant for
the most packages we ship in the archive, in order to avoid runtime
errors or, worse, logic ones which are quite impossible to notice. This
way, maintainers are warned about potential issues with 2.7, and can act
accordingly with proper fixes, not hacks.

IIRC, 2.6 -> 2.7 doesn't introduce a lot of differences, so this task
should be easier than previous transitions, but I believe it has to be
accomplished in advance to provide guidance to our fellow maintainers.

> Fedora has largely completed their transition and I've
> spoken to Toshio who pointed me at their repository.  They've submitted
> patches upstream, so hopefully it will be a "simple" matter of sync'ing to the
> right upstream version, or grabbing the Fedora changes.  We do want to give
> proper attribution to the Fedora hackers where appropriate of course.  I've
> already done this for cheetah for natty.  Once I actually fix that ftbfs, I'll
> look for a sponsor for experimental.

Is there a quick way to collect/display these patches? Something like
BTS usertags, or something similar?

> * dh_python2 transition
> Piotr and Matthias are keen on transitioning all of our pycentral/pysupport
> packaging to dh_python2, and I think we should try to do that as we touch
> packages for 2.7 support, though for a first pass, I think we should do this
> only where it's easy to change.  For difficult transitions, let's concentrate
> first on getting 2.7 support, and noting that the package needs to get
> dh_python2'd later.  There will be plenty of time to clean up the stragglers.

I agree. Moving to dh_python2 should (usually) be a matter of a
semi-automated process, so I'd focus more on providing support for 2.7
and, as the last step, pushing dh_python2 as helper.

> I want to document the plan, any issues or concerns we need to keep in mind,
> and progress on a page under wiki.debian.org/Python so that everyone can
> follow along and hopefully participate.

Fully agreed.


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