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Re: please upload python2.6 to unstable

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Hi all,

On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 03:08, Mr. Foobarra <foobarra@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I have grown woefully tired of watching respected developers ask nicely, tiptoe around, get angry, ask again after waiting a few weeks, and continue to make every attempt to give you every benefit of the doubt.  This upload is way overdue and was requested formally in the BTS August 26, 2009 - with no response from you.

because he's not talking to us. either because he doesn't have time,
or doesn't care about other developers, the fact remains: he's not
talking to Debian (except for 2IC or relteam).

> 1) Upload python2.6 to unstable within the next 7 days, or
> 2) RFA python2.6 and all relevant python packages within the next 7 days.

IMO step 2. must be done anyhow: Matthias, you're doing a very bad job
at maintaining Python in Debian, really. and the request to drop
Python 2.4 before even considering uploading Python 2.6 in unstable
(they are completely unrelated!) is another example of what I'm
talking about, and of the very low interest you have in the Debian
Python community. You have people doing analysis, filing bugs, doing
NMUs but none of them are identified as Python maintainer (being in
Maintainer/Uploaders field) but those activities are part of py
maintainer ones.

Easy as it can be, just leave Python to Debian, and step over. I have
no doubt there will be a group of people interested in Debian and
Python that will take over the package (I'm one of them, I've already
asked some other guy and I'm intended to ask some other to join).

Consider this a "nice" request of orphaning Python and let new fresh
blood comes in, else, you'll see it pushed further.

> I'm sure there are possible issues with other packages, yada, yada, but they will get worked out just fine - no need to keep waiting on...what are you waiting on?

On nothing, but he doesn't have time to maintain properly this
package, and so we must wait for a small free slot of time (because
Debian doesn't have any priority) to do "dch -m "uploading to
unstable" ; dch -r ; <build>" (because that's what needs to be

Matthias, it's clear to everyone you're most interested in other part
of the toolchain (gcc, binutils & co) so leave Python to people caring
for it.

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