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Need help with revelation

Hello debian-python,

I have been maintaining revelation in the past, a GNOME2 Password manager. I
will most likely orphan this package because:

	- I no longer use revelation
	- I don't have a sponsor right now
	- Upstream is discontinued since, Tuesday 16. January 2007 11:44

There are a couple of bugs left, for some of them I do have an upload ready,
which you can dget from:


Please note that the above release does not include a NMU, 0.4.11-3.1, which is
currently in sid and lenny.

Simply removing the package may be a bad idea, as people who are using
revelation will then no longer be able to access their password lists.

Additionally upstream is looking for someone to take over the stable branch
development, aka. bug fixing etc.

Maybe somebody on this list wants to take over maintaining revelation, or even
better, maintaining upstream.



PS: please CC me, as I am not on this list.
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