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Re: RFC/RFS: python-enchant -- spellchecking library for Python

Torsten Marek (shlomme@gmx.net):
> - the repo contains only the debian/ dir, but the mergeWithUpstream property is
> missing. You can set it with
> $ svn propset mergeWithUpstream 1 debian
> - you should use debhelper (>= 5) and set debian/compat to 5


> - have you considered switching to cdbs? For a python module, the debian/rules

cdbs generates bad packages, f.e. it builds .egg files, clean rule is
not working, it compresses exemple .py files (my rule is not doing it
anymore :)

> - it's a matter of taste, but I think that compressing the example is not
> needed. With dh_make, you can just add the flag -X.py to dh_compress to excluded
> python files from compression.


> - there are some grammar mistakes in the package descriptions:


> Maybe you could also add a short statement about the license of the Debian
> packaging, along the lines of [1].


Thanks for your comments!
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