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Re: RFC/RFS: python-enchant -- spellchecking library for Python

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Piotr Ozarowski wrote:
> I'm looking for a sponsor for python-enchant (ITP #299783).
> Package is lintian/linda clean and builds in pbuilder.
> * Package name    : python-enchant
>   Version         : 1.1.5
>   Upstream Author : Ryan Kelly <rynklly@users.sourceforge.net>
> * URL             : http://pyenchant.sourceforge.net/
> * License         : LGPL with a special exception to link to non-free
>                     spell checker backend (e.g. Microsoft Office
>                     spell checker)
>   Description     : spellchecking library for Python
> PyEnchant consists of Python binding to Enchant spellchecking
> library and some wrapper classes. It includes all the functionality
> of Enchant in Pythonic object-oriented interface, and also provides
> some higher-level functionality than is available in the C API.
> I have also updated my gaupol package, so now it recommends
> python2.4-enchant
> Both packages can be downloaded from: http://debian.pox.one.pl/
> BTW: I have permission to take over from Seo Sanghyeon

Hi Piotr,

I just had a look at your packaging as present in the Python module svn. I
noticed several things:

- - the repo contains only the debian/ dir, but the mergeWithUpstream property is
missing. You can set it with
$ svn propset mergeWithUpstream 1 debian
- - you should use debhelper (>= 5) and set debian/compat to 5
- - have you considered switching to cdbs? For a python module, the debian/rules
file boils down to:
== begin
#!/usr/bin/make -f

include /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/debhelper.mk
include /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/python-distutils.mk

#       hack (CDBS bug -- see #300149)
        -rm -rf build
== end

and I'm not sure if the clean:: hack is still needed.

- - it's a matter of taste, but I think that compressing the example is not
needed. With dh_make, you can just add the flag -X.py to dh_compress to excluded
python files from compression.

- - there are some grammar mistakes in the package descriptions:

 PyEnchant consists of Python binding*s* to *the* Enchant spellchecking
 library and some wrapper classes. It includes all the functionality
 of Enchant in *a* Pythonic, object-oriented interface and also provides
 some higher-level functionality *which is not* available in the C API.

Apart from that, it looks good to me.

Maybe you could also add a short statement about the license of the Debian
packaging, along the lines of [1].



[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2006/03/msg00023.html
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