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Re: cdbs to remove *.pyc on clean?

On Mon, Apr 10, 2006 at 06:59:04PM +0200, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> I have a question on the bug report #252134 "cdbs: python-distutils.mk 
> should remove .pyc files on clean".  It seems that python setup.py 
> clean actually creates a number .pyc files itself, and quite a number 
> of packages therefore have code along the lines of

> clean::
> 	find . -name '*.pyc' -exec rm '{}' ';'

> in them.  I'm considering adding exactly that line to cdbs.  The 
> question is whether that is too far reaching.  I'm not an expert on the 
> issue, but it seems unlikely that an upstream tarball or a clean source 
> package should contain .pyc files.  So it seems OK to me.  Does anyone 
> think this change would be a bad idea, or does anyone perhaps have a 
> better solution for this bug?

.pyc files are not source files, and changes to them can't be represented in
patches, so the worst case is that this will generate the "ignoring deletion
of foo" warning.

So I think removing all .pyc files in the clean target should be fine.  The
only possible issue would be if there was a .pyc file in the package which
can't be built from source, because removing such a file would break
idempotency of the build->clean->build cycle; but that could only happen
with non-free packages.

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