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cdbs to remove *.pyc on clean?

I have a question on the bug report #252134 "cdbs: python-distutils.mk 
should remove .pyc files on clean".  It seems that python setup.py 
clean actually creates a number .pyc files itself, and quite a number 
of packages therefore have code along the lines of

	find . -name '*.pyc' -exec rm '{}' ';'

in them.  I'm considering adding exactly that line to cdbs.  The 
question is whether that is too far reaching.  I'm not an expert on the 
issue, but it seems unlikely that an upstream tarball or a clean source 
package should contain .pyc files.  So it seems OK to me.  Does anyone 
think this change would be a bad idea, or does anyone perhaps have a 
better solution for this bug?

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