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Re: Bug#229370: python2.3: Default site.py breaks stuff

Matthias Klose wrote:
The default /etc/python2.3/site.py specifies "ascii" as a system
encoding. This causes errors if non-ascii characters are fed to
python programs unaware of i18n/l10n issues (eq. libglade-convert
script). Please make utf-8 (which is backwards compatible but will not
cause fatal errors) or enable locales in default site.py.

I would strongly advise against making it locale-aware - this would
mean that locale is considered in strange places, causing moji-bake,
and the cause of the moji-bake would be difficult to find. It also
means that the same program may work for some users and fail for

Setting it to utf-8 would "work", but it would mean that Debian
deviates from all other Python installations in the world.

Changing it locally is "somewhat recommended"; such changes should
be carried out through sitecustomize.py, instead of editing site.py.

The real solution is to fix the buggy applications, i.e.
libglade-convert in this case.


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