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Re: Bug#229370: python2.3: Default site.py breaks stuff

Jan Hudec writes:
> Package: python2.3
> Version: 2.3.3-5
> The default /etc/python2.3/site.py specifies "ascii" as a system
> encoding. This causes errors if non-ascii characters are fed to
> python programs unaware of i18n/l10n issues (eq. libglade-convert
> script). Please make utf-8 (which is backwards compatible but will not
> cause fatal errors) or enable locales in default site.py.

It reads as well:

# Set the string encoding used by the Unicode implementation.  The
# default is 'ascii', but if you're willing to experiment, you can
# change this.

I don't think that's suiteable for a release. Anyway, it's a config
file, so you can change it.

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