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Re: dh_python and python deps

Le mer 13/08/2003 à 12:38, Ross Burton a écrit :

> I'm the straw maintainer, and use dh_python in my debian/rules to do the
> compilation and dependency magic.
> However, it appears that python2.3-gtk2 is broken and python2.3-bsddb3
> is not present yet, so I have decided to make the package explicitly use
> python2.2.
> I have changed /usr/bin/straw to call python2.2, I depend on python2.2
> version of the modules, and build-depend on python2.2, but I get this in
> my generated Depends:
> Depends: python2.2, python (>= 2.3), python (<< 2.4), ...
> Not quite what I was after.  Anyone know what is wrong?

The .py's in /usr/lib/straw are detected as python modules to be
bytecompiled for the default python version, i.e. 2.3. Maybe you should
put them in /usr/lib/python2.2/site-packages.

I can also add a -V option handling to dh_python, so that you can choose
which python version you want the modules to be compiled with. Do you
think it would be useful ?

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