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Re-request for sponsor: python-albatross


This is my third or fourth attempt to find a sponsor for the
python-albatross package. So far, I've been contacted by one developer
who was interested in sponsoring the package; he never replied to my
reply, however, so I assume he has other things to do at the moment.
Meanwhile, I'm continuing my search for a sponsor.

Before I resort to bribery, I'm going to try to speak convincingly about
Albatross. At the same time, because I suspect there are people on the
debian-python list that could be interested but don't read
debian-mentors, I'm Cc'ing this mail to debian-python.

Albatross is a very nice piece of software for developing small web
applications. It's written in Python. Upstream activity seems to have
accelerated during the summer and the atmosphere on the Albatross
mailing list is very friendly and helpful, with the developers and users
juggling ideas, advice and code as ideas, advice and code should be
juggled. Recently, for example, a standalone, small HTTP server was
introduced by a user, and Albatross now sports support for standalone
application deployment in addition to regular CGI, FastCGI and
mod_python application deployment with Apache.

If you write anything from simple dynamic web pages to full-blown web
applications, then you should really check out Albatross. If you'd like
to try an approach that is different from PHP but still sensible when
the application grows beyond what regular CGI can do, then Albatross may
well be worth a look. And if, at the same time, you happen to be a
Debian Developer, then please help me introduce this package into

Packages can be found at
http://people.paniq.net/~fabbe/debian/albatross/ and an ITP concerning
Albatross is at http://bugs.debian.org/193574
The Albatross site is at

Thanks for your time,
Fabian Fagerholm <fabbe@paniq.net>

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