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python transition summary

I've put a summary of packages needing a rebuild in a world-writable
file at http://people.debian.org/~joss/python-list.txt

Please mark your uploads (maintainer or non-maintainer) in this file
(gluck:~joss/public_html/python-list.txt). This is probably the time to
start NMU's for library packages.

I'd like to add it is the perfect time to make sure all our python
packages have correct dependencies and postinst/prerm. This is *far*
from being the case: I've noticed many packages are being broken by the
current transition, and many .py[co] compilations are useless, generally
because of wrong dependencies. So please double-check your dependencies
and ask on this list if you need help about them.

 .''`.           Josselin Mouette        /\./\
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