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Re: python 2.2 to python 2.3 transition

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On su, 2003-08-10 at 13:06, Matthias Klose wrote:
> Lars Wirzenius writes:
> > Um, yeah, it does contain a .pyc. I don't think it should: the postinst
> > compiles the eoc.py file. The inclusion of the .pyc file seems like a
> > bug due to unforeseen interaction with the upstream Makefile's install
> > target. I'll have to remove the .pyc from the .deb in the next release.
> this does not help. it will be recreated when "a user" runs as root:
> python foo.py. so you have to remove it anyway in the prerm.

Er, did I misunderstand something? I make a .deb that contains a .py,
but not a .pyc or .pyo, and the postinst compiles it with whatever is
the default version of Python on the system. The prerm removes the .pyc
and the .pyo. What is the problem in this scenario?

My .deb already does all of the above, except for inadvertently
including a .pyc, which is a mistake and a bug.

(There will be a problem when the default version of Python changes. I
don't think we have a way to deal with that.)

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