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Re: Splitting ZODB from Zope package

Hi all,

On Sun, Apr 06, 2003 at 05:49:30PM +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Hello,
> ZODB has its own source tree
> So I wonder if we should not provide an extra ZODB package which
> can be used separately from Zope - and will be used by Zope for sure.
> Moreover it comes to my mind whether Zope python modules really should
> be provided under /usr/lib/zope or if it would be better to install
> it under
>      /usr/lib/python<version>/site-packages/zope
> In this case you might be able to use modules from Zope without any
> effort.

This is a good idea to me, and it's worth of trying: there are olso other
packages which are included in Zope source for convenience (like ZPT, or ZEO)
for which we can try as well.

I do not agree on one thing though: the majority of Products for zope are
python source code and so they are architecture independent. That's quite the
same for other python modules. We should not store that files under /usr/lib but
under /usr/share as stated in FHS.

We should change python policy to include /usr/share directory in sys.path as
well as it was for /usr/local. (That would save at least 1/2 of python

Very well, I intend to open a alioth project for collaborative maintainership
of zope package and zope-related stuff. I most probably call it zope-packages
and i'll use it for other zope packages i maintain. Any other developer
joining will be apreciated.

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