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Re: Presenting Debian to the user at cloud provider marketplaces (round 2)

On Mon, Apr 20, 2020 at 07:57:19PM -0400, Noah Meyerhans wrote:
> Product title: For older releases, the title is listed as (e.g.) "Debian
> GNU/Linux 9 (Stretch)".  For buster, it is "Debian 10 Buster".  I prefer
> the formating used for stretch, and would like to update buster to
> match.

What do you mean with "formating"?  "GNU/Linux" is now irrelevant.
"Debian Linux", maybe, but redundant.

>         I'm open to the idea of listing only the version number, and
> dropping the code name, but don't feel strongly either way.  Opinions?

Well.  People search for both?

>                                          Is there existing text that
> would work better here?

Sadly, no.

I looked at other distributions on Azure and found for example:

>                  Buster is only "The universal operating system."  I
> think pulling some snippets in from the release notes makes sense for
> buster. Agree?

Should this be highlights of the release?  Hightlights of the software?
I don't know.

> The AWS Marketplace requires some text for a "EULA".  Currently we link
> to the Social Contract for that, but that's not at all written like a
> EULA and doesn't specifically discuss legal rights or restrictions.
> IMO, as suggested in #696596 [4], we should replace the EULA text with
> something similar to what's in the default MOTD.  Thoughts?

We need something on our website.  This is also relevant for Azure.

> Support information: The stretch listing says "Debian is developed and
> supported by a diverse global community. It can be reached through a
> variety of means including email, IRC, and web forums." and links to
> www.debian.org/support.  Buster indicates that "No Support is offered
> for this product"  I'd like to make buster match the stretch listing.

Ah, this is a freetext field.  Feel free.


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