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Re: Save .ORG campaign

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On 23/11/2019 18:58, Sam Hartman wrote:
> I would not support Debian signing this  but you are welcome to try
> and develop a consensus on -project.
> My concerns are twofold:
> 1) Domain governance is not part of Debian's mission. Taking
> positions in that area dilutes our mission and might tend to drive
> valuable contributors away.

While I understand this,  does not selling off .org carry the danger
it will set a precedence and other top level domains could be also
sold off in the future.

But yeah taking a stand should perhaps be an individual stance rather
than a organization stance.
> 2) As an example, i actually think this is probably a reasonable
> deal for ISOC and that a healthy ISOC and Internet standards
> process may (although I'll admit it's less clear than it would have
> been 10 years ago) benefit Debian more than any likely harm to
> .org.
> PIR was founded in 2002 to find a way to fund internet standards.
> Basically, there were politics and ICANN was convinced to give .org
> to a company taht would effectively use the money to fund the IETF
> and other Internet policy efforts (ISOC).  This was the best
> solution we had at the time (I was involved in IETF but not yet a
> leader in the organization) back then. But it was always kind of
> alarming, because if the domain name business ever decreased in
> value, suddenly we would not able to fund ongoing standards
> development for the Internet.
> What ISOC has done here is find a way to get out of the domain
> business--something they were never really great at--and set up an
> endowment like a university or something. That seems much more
> stable and is probably good for the Internet.
> The IETF and to a lesser extent ISOC face a number of challenges
> these days, but I think they still serve an important purpose.
> There were also some tax concerns about ISOC owning PIR that were
> somewhat of an ongoing headache for ISOC board members over the
> years.
> I think that's enough to demonstrate why it's a complex issue and
> why someone like me who had been involved in the Internet standards
> process for much of their life might be kind of upset if Debian
> started taking a position.  That's a real risk you run every time
> you take a position: some of your contributors might feel pushed
> away.
> Now, I'm at one side of the spectrum on this issue. You might get
> more support on -project.
> --Sam

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