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Save .ORG campaign

Hi there,

(It's no longer breaking news but I've not seen it being raised on
Debian channels.  Apologies for the noise in case I missed it.)  It
appears that Public Interest Registry, home to the .org top level
domain, was recently sold to a private entity, Ethos Capital.


There is an open letter to ask its current owner, the Internet Society,
to stop the sale: https://savedotorg.org/ .  Wouldn't it make sense for
Debian to join the EFF, the FSF, the Wikimedia foundation, etc. in the
list of prominent organizations and projects opposing the sale?

We can sign the letter as individual project members, but of course an
official project statement/position would carry a lot more weight.


PS: Please CC me in replies as I'm not subscribed to debian-publicity@l.d.o .

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