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timeline.debian.net updates

Hi publicity-team,

I realized a couple of days ago that timeline.debian.net is not
up-to-date with the data in the git repository on salsa¹. It would be
great if someone could roll out the additions of the last few months.

IMO the timeline would be a perfect candidate to automate this step by
using salsas CI. This is either possible using the gitlab pages feature
(though the URL would then be
https://publicity-team.pages.debian.net/debian-timeline which is not as
nice as https://timeline.debian.net) or, if the server where the files
are served from allows this, we could also build the timeline using the
CI and then let the CI push the built files to the server (thats how I
deploy my website from gitlab.com).


¹ https://salsa.debian.org/publicity-team/debian-timeline

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