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Fwd: Fwd: Call for submissions!

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Subject: Fwd: Call for submissions!
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2019 11:14:35 +0200
From: Andreas Glaeser <andreas.glaeser@irregulaire.info>
To: AMD <memberservices@amd-member.com>

What is currently worrying me is this:



If Hugin will not be fixed, my alternative is to install FreeBSD or
True-OS inside a virtual machine, see to get PCI-passthrough straight
into KVM, and use that instead, it would be kind of difficult, did not
try this yet, an awkward workaround.

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Subject: Re: Call for submissions!
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2019 09:34:20 +0200
From: Andreas Glaeser <andreas.glaeser@irregulaire.info>
To: memberservices@amd-member.com

Thanks a lot for your invitation,

I do have some panoramic photographs on architecture:


and panoramic images are indeed assembled on AMD-hardwar a 25W PC is
enough for that.


P.S. I am not hoping to win anything currently, because I experienced so
many disappointments already, for example, when I wanted to take part in
wiki-loves-earth contest, so just forget it!
I some cases you have to sue against disadvantagements at a law court.

On 25/06/2019 16:06, AMD wrote:
> AMD Radeon Pro is proud to host the first AMD 2019 Radeon™ ProRender
> Contest!
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> <https://explore.amd.com/e/659533/2019-06-25/2tk7j/82727311?h=UJ2UGHd-Qs6XybU_dADvUzAJv9pTHSR7xN5yksSYVdE>
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> AMD 2019 Radeon™ ProRender Contest
> <https://explore.amd.com/e/659533/-utm-medium-email-utm-term-bnr/2tk7l/82727311?h=UJ2UGHd-Qs6XybU_dADvUzAJv9pTHSR7xN5yksSYVdE>
> *AMD 2019 Radeon™ ProRender Contest*
> AMD Radeon Pro is proud to host the first *AMD 2019 Radeon™ ProRender
> Contest!* Three winners will be selected by a panel of artists and
> industry experts who will select the best architectural, interior or
> landscape designs based on criteria of excellence and innovation. Prize
> winners will be awarded one All Access Pass to the D2 Vienna Conference
> <https://explore.amd.com/e/659533/ail-utm-medium-email-utm-term-/2tk7n/82727311?h=UJ2UGHd-Qs6XybU_dADvUzAJv9pTHSR7xN5yksSYVdE>
> in Vienna, Austria on August 24-25, and a €200 pre-paid Visa gift card
> for a total value of over €500!^1
> <https://explore.amd.com/e/659533/-utm-medium-email-utm-term-btn/2tk7q/82727311?h=UJ2UGHd-Qs6XybU_dADvUzAJv9pTHSR7xN5yksSYVdE>
> *Submission Deadline:* July 31, 2019
> Submissions are open to architectural visualization artists, students,
> freelancers, and experts from around the world. All participants will be
> required to submit artwork via a *sharable* Dropbox link that can then
> be accessed by AMD to download your work. Artwork submissions will be
> reviewed by a panel of artists and industry professionals who will
> choose three winners who demonstrate innovative photorealistic
> architectural visualization renderings using AMD Radeon ProRender. Learn
> More
> <https://explore.amd.com/e/659533/ail-utm-medium-email-utm-term-/2tk7s/82727311?h=UJ2UGHd-Qs6XybU_dADvUzAJv9pTHSR7xN5yksSYVdE>.
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