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Debian Videos

Speaking as an individual developer.

One of my coworkers, Matt Tennie, will be attending his first
Debconf this year.  He has a lot of video production experience .

He's been asking me questions about Debian, and somewhere along the way
we realized it would be great to make available answers to common
questions in a very accessible format.

I think an example could illustrate.

Matt asked me when gstreamer 0.16 would make its way into buster.  "It
won't," I said and moved on with whatever I was doing.

The next day he came back and said he really wanted to understand
better, because it didn't make any sense at all that we wouldn't want
the latest software.
So I started to explain about stability guarantees and stable releases.
I talked about hand reviewing changes during the release.  We  looked
at the reverse dependencies of gstreamer.  I talked about how even in
the best cases sometimes changes break a reverse dependency by
accident.  Then I talked about APIs and ABIs and started talking about
the cost in terms of man power of actually pulling in a change.

But to make a long story short, I gave the 10 minute version of  why do
we value stable releases, and what all is involved in that.

Matt and I were talking about how it would be fun to capture things like
this in videos and help users or new contributors understand what makes

I think examples might include:

* The stable release discussion we already had

* When to use packaged software vs upstream software

* Why is it so hard to make a package for Debian

* Why it is involved to become a Debian developer (and how you can
  contribute with less effort if desired)

* Debian vs crates/gems/eggs/CPAN/what have you

I'm sure there are lots of these.

If we did succeed in something like this I'm imagining releasing content
both on a libre platform of some kind as well as youtube.
Mostly I wanted to float the idea, get input.  Also wondering if anyone
would be interested in meeting to discuss this at Debconf.


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