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Re: guidelines for Debian presences on social networks?

On 17/06/2019 14:10, Holger Levsen wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 17, 2019 at 02:28:28PM +0700, Bagas Sanjaya wrote:
>>> Make it clear that the presence is unofficial.
>> I disagree. As I stated in previous thread about Instagram presence,
>> it is better to have official presence on social
>> networks than unofficial ones run by Debian "fandom". 
> as much as you are entitled to have this opinion, it doesnt match the
> opinion of the majority of the Debian developers, because if it would,
> there would be other people supporting your opinion.
> instagram is facebook is evil.
> (and yes, I call them evil. they collect, process and pass on data of 
> billions of people who did not consent to that (who are not their users).)
I think there are issues around how people perceive free software and
how easy it is to use.

A quick story

Before the last tech jam, one of the people who runs this with me,
expressed that she had concern over me installing Debian on the laptop I
had been given for the jam a week earlier.  Apparently Debian is hard to
use compared to other distros (I think for example Mint)

I showed her the laptop with Debian 9 + LXDE. She is satisfied the
opposite is the case.  Debian + LDXE is fine, looks good and is easy to
use.  If the general consensus out there is that Debian and or Linux
systems are hard to use, we need to try and counter that view.

Note, I am not sure what people mean by hard to use.   It is a
statement, not an argument, as if they made an argument it would be
backed up by some sort of evidence, which we, as a community could
either counter or address. 

I think one thing she hadn't realised is that synaptic is a package
manager (  synaptic also relates to the touch pad )

Something to think about, which for is techies is harder,  by my  own
admission, in blog posts I tend to assume people will install stuff via
the command line and my posts can reflect that in one line. I don't
really see my self as that technical esp compared to full stack web
developers,  kernel hackers or people who undertake development.

Perhaps we need to try and find out how people perceive Linux distros too,

Anyway hope this helps,



Paul Sutton
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