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Re: Publicity scripts assistance

On Fri, Aug 31, 2018 at 9:16 AM, Donald Norwood wrote:

> *create-rc-stats - Needs to run on qa.d.o or depreciated alioth.d.o,
> this may be more of an administrative issue.
> *new-package-maintainers  - Needs to be run on alioth.d.o or merkel.d.o w

Both of these just use UDD so they need udd.d.o access rather than any
specific host. I'd suggest pointing at the wiki page instead of
hard-coding the access information in the script.


As the team are Debian members, you should be able to access udd.d.o,
qa.d.o and most other Debian hosts. To accommodate folks who are not
Debian members, the script could connect to the public UDD mirror when
not run on a host that can access UDD.




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