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Publicity scripts assistance

Dear List,

We are looking to expand some of the information about Debian that we
can provide in the DPN or through Micronews and Bits. Rather than
reinventing the wheel we would like to take advantage of some of the
older scripts that we have use of in dpn/scripts[1].

We are wondering if anyone is available with the knowledge to patch or
maintain the following scripts in order to make them functional again,
or who can help us document their proper use. We can file bugs against
the "press" pseudo-package to coordinate and document these and other
available scripts.

*create-rc-stats - Needs to run on qa.d.o or depreciated alioth.d.o,
this may be more of an administrative issue.

*new-package-maintainers  - Needs to be run on alioth.d.o or merkel.d.o w


Donald Norwood

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