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Re: [Design-devel] logo for Debian's 25th anniversary blog post (and for people to share)

Hi Laura,

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> De: "Laura Arjona Reina" <larjona@debian.org>
> Hello dear Debian designers
> This year we celebrate Debian's 25th anniversary (next 16 August 2018)
> and we would like to add a picture or "special logo" to the traditional
> blog post that we publish for Debian's birthday.
> The initial draft for the blog post is here:
> https://salsa.debian.org/publicity-team/bits/blob/master/content/2018/debian-25-anniversary.md
> Would somebody of you help us with the picture/logo? If we get several
> submissions, we would offer all of them so people can pick the one they
> like to use in their "happy birthday Debian" messages, or in their
> website etc to show that they use Debian.
> I know that these days are holidays for many people, please accept my
> apologies for sending this with so short margin (I've been trapped in
> holidays too and having few time with computer in the last days/weeks).
> Please send your proposals to our public list
> debian-publicity@lists.debian.org, or to press@debian.org if you need
> them not to be public until a certain moment (in that case, explain in
> your mail so we add the file to the git repo when appropiate), including
> the exact text for author attribution, and the license(s).

Maybe Angelo (from Brazil) can help with the special logo. I'm copying him.

Best regards.

Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana (phls)
Curitiba - Brasil
Membro da Comunidade Curitiba Livre
Site: http://www.phls.com.br
GNU/Linux user: 228719  GPG ID: 0443C450

Apoie a campanha pela igualdade de gênero #HeForShe (#ElesPorElas)  

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