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Re: Debian's 25th anniversary

The quarter century anniversary! Good ideas. I think a stand alone DPN
would be ideal if we could find content for it such as interviews with
long standing and still current enterprises or LUGs or companies that
have been using Debian for a long time. We could add bits from the
timeline as well.

I wonder if we would have enough time for a 25th anniversary art contest
for the banner/logo?

On 07/03/2018 03:59 PM, Laura Arjona Reina wrote:
> Hello all
> Debian becomes 25 years old this year, and for some people 25 is a
> special number ;-)
> Do we (publicity) want to do something different than the traditional
> small blog post?
> I would like to call for a meeting but my time is limited in the
> following weeks. However I can try to attend if other people/group
> organise, and OTOH maybe a mail thread here gets more participation.
> I would propose some brainstorming but keeping in mind that usually what
> we lack is not ideas, but workforce to put them in practise...
> My particular proposals:
> * A set of banner,icon,ribbons, text "This site uses Debian" or
> something like that, so people can put in their website, blogs, etc to
> increase visibility (with maybe link to a blogpost in bits.d.o about the
> anniversary).
> * A call for blogposts other kind of "expression" of appreciation of Debian
> * A special issue of DPN, with some interviews (we could open the
> edition now, in parallel with the current issue)
> * If some people go to DebConf and want to take the opportunity there to
> do something for the anniversary, please go ahead!
> Cheers

Donald Norwood

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