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Debian's 25th anniversary

Hello all
Debian becomes 25 years old this year, and for some people 25 is a
special number ;-)

Do we (publicity) want to do something different than the traditional
small blog post?

I would like to call for a meeting but my time is limited in the
following weeks. However I can try to attend if other people/group
organise, and OTOH maybe a mail thread here gets more participation.

I would propose some brainstorming but keeping in mind that usually what
we lack is not ideas, but workforce to put them in practise...

My particular proposals:

* A set of banner,icon,ribbons, text "This site uses Debian" or
something like that, so people can put in their website, blogs, etc to
increase visibility (with maybe link to a blogpost in bits.d.o about the

* A call for blogposts other kind of "expression" of appreciation of Debian

* A special issue of DPN, with some interviews (we could open the
edition now, in parallel with the current issue)

* If some people go to DebConf and want to take the opportunity there to
do something for the anniversary, please go ahead!

Laura Arjona Reina

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