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new iproposal: a specific OS for psychologist

Hi, My name is Francisco Montero, I would like to ask you if it is possible to develop an OS based on Debian (similar to SkoleLinux/DebianEdu) specific for psychologist (both applied psychologist and researcher psychologist) built with a set of predetermine tools such as pspp (data analysis), neurodebian, zotero (citation manager), bibus (connection to data base provider) pgp tools for confidential reports about patients,...
I am psychologist and professor at University. I don't know about programming, but I would help to search for the appropiate tools for an specific OS for psychologist (asking partners, testing tools in debian packages...).
Psychologists as other researchers usually depend on privative software to research and to improve the knowledge about human behavior and mind. We would love a new Free Software OS based on Debian.
Currently I am user of Debian Stretch and I think this would be a very useful OS to built an specific OS for psyhologist. I offer myself to contribute of topics related to psychology during the development process and the spread of the new OS if this is released.
Please, let me know your opinion about my proposal.
Thank you very much for yor attention.
Kind Regrads,

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