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Re: Debian Publicity Sprint @ DebConf17, Montréal


El 11/08/17 a las 12:55, Joost van Baal-Ilić escribió:
> Hi,
> A Debian Publicity coding/writing Sprint will happen today, fri aug 11, at
> 15:30 local time (America/Montreal) (8 and a half hours from now) in room
> potato at the DebConf17 Venue in Montréal. We aim to publish a Debian Project
> News edition.  The BoF will not be video-d.  For those not physically present
> (hi Laura!), there will be the OFTC/#debconf17-potato IRC channel (and
> OFTC/#debian-publicity ) for communicating. We also might end up writing some
> notes using gobby; to participate, run
>  sudo apt install gobby && gobby infinote://gobby.debian.org/debconf17/bof/

Thanks Joost for facilitating the sprint!

I've just created the document "publicity_dpn" in gobby:

gobby infinote://gobby.debian.org/debconf17/bof/publicity_dpn

with some notes for newcomers to this task of editing a DPN, link to the
repository and the current issue, etc.

We can decide at the beginning if we prefer to work on git, or to just
paste the contents of the current issue in another gobby document, edit
there, and later commit once it's almost finished.

Everybody is invited to join to this session. If it works, maybe we can
just set up a monthly sprint and get the DPN edited and published!

"See" you in a while!


Laura Arjona Reina

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