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Re: «Entrevistamos Chris Lamb, atual líder do projeto Debian»

Em 26-07-2017 06:35, David Kalnischkies escreveu:

> It is in english, see:
> http://debianbrasil.org.br/blog/an-interview-with-chris-lamb-the-current-debian-project-leader
> The problem is that they "sheepishly" made the DPL a big "Lamb" now
> instead of calling him "Lamby" after they realized that the later is
> just his nick, not the surname they intended to use.
> Breaking already published and circulated URIs is a bit sad through, so
> perhaps a redirect can be added. Maybe Giovani is a lamb and can add one
> (or knows who to contact about this).

I think it's not necessary to create a redirect because the URI has been 
fixed before publishing.

Unfortunately I forgot to tell the list what happened, sorry.


Giovani Ferreira

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