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Re: «Entrevistamos Chris Lamb, atual líder do projeto Debian»

at bottom :-

On 18/07/2017, Giovani Ferreira <giovani@debian.org> wrote:
> Em 09-07-2017 18:43, Giovani Ferreira escreveu:
>> I will contact Diolinux to see the possibility of publishing in English,
>> so it will be better to spread in our communication channels.
> After talking to Diolinux, we published the interview in:
> http://debianbrasil.org.br/blog/an-interview-with-chris-lamby-the-current-debian-project-leader.

Was this in portugese-br or in plain english as trying to go to the
site gives a 'Not found' page.

> I'll send it to micronews now.
> Cheers
> --
> Giovani Ferreira
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