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Re: maria's interview https://itsfoss.com/interview-with-maria-glukova/

In-line :-

On 20/07/2017, Adriana Cássia da Costa <adriana.org@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi!

Hi Adriana,

> Shirish,
> I translated the Maria's interview to Portuguese - BR.
> I think it will be very helpful, because it is very common that people
> doesn't know how to submit in this type of program.
> The interview shows that it's possible for any people that want to
> participate.
> https://mulheres.eti.br/maria-glukova-gnome-outreachy/

Thank you for the hard work, while I don't know Portugese-BR I hope it
works for you and your readers. It probably would have been a good
idea to run the translation in
https://lists.debian.org/debian-l10n-portuguese/ . They usually are
good with helping out translations and things like that.

Another thing which probably would have been better is to give link
backs both to the entity which published it in the first place
https://itsfoss.com/interview-with-maria-glukova/ as well as my blog
http://flossexperiences.wordpress.com although mine is more for
venting and rambling about $stuff.

If there is something interesting that you want me to cover or write
about, please don't hesitate to share off-list and will attempt to do

I hope the sharing leads to more women in brazil taking Debian and
doing some contributions (whether in GSOC) or in other ways.

> best regards,
> --
> Adriana C. da Costa
> http://www.mulheres.eti.br

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