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Re: Team meeting in the next 7 days

in-line :-

On 09/02/2017, Laura Arjona Reina <larjona@debian.org> wrote:
> Hi

Hi all,


> Done!
> I've also added a wiki pages as we do for all the team meetings:
> https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Publicity/Meetings/2017-02-StretchCoverage


> Some notes for the newcomers wanting to self-document prior to the
> meeting:
> 1.- The microblogging coverage that we did in previous releases is in:
> https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/publicity/publicity.git/tree/release/dents

Umm... I tried to read

But found it pretty hard to read. What are dents ? Are they like
twitter messages, 140 characters or less ?

Maybe if we could just have one line spacing between each dent we
would know what was done. IIRC at the time of Jessie release, some
thousand/s of messages were bombed in the last 24 hours prior to
release which had not happened before. Each stating something which
was new in jessie, so that was good.

> For this release we'll have micronews.debian.org so we may use the
> same system as before, or directly micronews git, or other (we can
> decide in the meeting).
> 2.- Apart from the microblogging: announcement to be published in
> www.debian.org/News, blogpost to be published in bits.debian.org,
> coverage of the release parties, coverage of the "New in Stretch" news
> from the different Debian teams, blends, derivatives... whatever you
> can think of. See the /News and blog posts in bits.debian.org of
> former years to get an idea of what has been done in the past.

It would have been better to share the links.

While browsing backwards did come across this -

https://bits.debian.org/2016/04/publicity-agency.html - @Laura didn't
know you were out of the job for almost a year now ;)

Then saw the DATE ;) </me chuckles>

Saw this - but this was at time of release -


hmm..... just parsed all the 19 web-pages and it doesn't seem the bits
e-mails that come from time to time didn't make it to the web-page.
Not even a single one of them is in https://bits.debian.org/

I am guessing that the next step is getting a boilerplate template to
all the teams and asking all the team for inputs -

For instance Debian Javascript Maintainers
<pkg-javascript-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org would probably be
pleased with themselves as they got quite a few nodejs and its brethen
into the archive .

Similarly, the Android tools maintainers would probably be pleased and
a bit bitter as they got quite a bit of stuff into debian but some are
just links to get stuff from upstream, similar to what tor does.

Android Tools Maintainers <android-tools-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>

All the desktop environments, the programming language, hardware
architecture bits would be interesting.

One query - IIRC, bits only gives news of what is or what has been
done. Should we have also something hinting their roadmap ?

For sure they will share RC bugs which are targeted for release but
could we also give them space to share a bit of the roadmap ahead.
That probably may also make for some interesting reading.

I don't see any hang-ups to sending boilerplate template modified to
suit each team.

I did have a look at https://wiki.debian.org/Teams so that might be a
good starting point perhaps ?

> 3.- You can prepare in advance your ideas/proposals/cheklist of things
> that need to be done to ease your participation in the meeting (for
> example, in a txt file in your PC, during the meeting we can
> share/brainstorm). Please take into account that our
> geographic/timezone diversity is an advantage to cover 24x7, but a
> disadvantage when we need to "work together": in practical terms we're
> quite a small team. So let's keep it simple to ensure "the
> must-be-done things", and grow from there, if we can ;)

Looking forward to inputs.

> See you in the meeting
> --
> --
> Laura Arjona Reina
> https://wiki.debian.org/LauraArjona

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