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Re: Team meeting in the next 7 days


El 08/02/17 a las 12:00, Cédric Boutillier escribió:
> Dear team,
> The hard freeze of Debian Stretch has now started. It is time to start
> thinking about the coverave of the release of Stretch and communication
> during the freeze.


> We would like to invite all interested people to fill in very soon the
> following poll to find a time slot to hold a team meeting before the end
> of next week.
> https://dudle.inf.tu-dresden.de/ti5hm7p9/
> Times indicated are UTC.
> The selection of time slots is a bit arbitrary. I hope we can find one
> which could be convenient for most people. Feel free to add time slots
> if you feel the need to.
I've also added a wiki pages as we do for all the team meetings:


> If you always wanted to help the publicity team, but didn't
> know how, here is a chance :)

Some notes for the newcomers wanting to self-document prior to the

1.- The microblogging coverage that we did in previous releases is in:


For this release we'll have micronews.debian.org so we may use the
same system as before, or directly micronews git, or other (we can
decide in the meeting).

2.- Apart from the microblogging: announcement to be published in
www.debian.org/News, blogpost to be published in bits.debian.org,
coverage of the release parties, coverage of the "New in Stretch" news
from the different Debian teams, blends, derivatives... whatever you
can think of. See the /News and blog posts in bits.debian.org of
former years to get an idea of what has been done in the past.

3.- You can prepare in advance your ideas/proposals/cheklist of things
that need to be done to ease your participation in the meeting (for
example, in a txt file in your PC, during the meeting we can
share/brainstorm). Please take into account that our
geographic/timezone diversity is an advantage to cover 24x7, but a
disadvantage when we need to "work together": in practical terms we're
quite a small team. So let's keep it simple to ensure "the
must-be-done things", and grow from there, if we can ;)

See you in the meeting
Laura Arjona Reina

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