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Re: heads up - first edition of the Debian Contributors Survey


El 24/10/16 a las 10:45, Stefano Zacchiroli escribió:

In terms of promotion of survey participation, we were thinking of
starting with announcing it on d-d-a (tentatively: next Monday, Oct
31st) and reiterating it via personal blogs syndicated on planet.d.o.
But of course we'd love to hear from you what you think would be best.
Would you be interested in having a blog post about this for bits.d.o?
Anything else you'd recommend? If you're interested, we can certainly
circulate here a draft of the survey announcement.

For a "full coverage" of any topic, my opinion is to prepare this publicity-pack:

* A blogpost in bits.debian.org. Please commit your draft (in markdown) in


under the content/2016/drafts folder, and we can finish it together. More details and a link to a template in

* Once published in bits, we'll publish in micronews, too (we promote every post in bits). If you want to provide a particular wording, or promote other blogposts that will appear in planet using micronews, follow this:


(From micronews.debian.org it goes automatically to the @debian profile in pump.io, and other social networks)

* You can send a short paragraph for the next DPN, too (send by mail to the list, or commit in the current issue that is open for edition now):


We still have no publication date for this DPN issue but it will be published probably after the survey opens and before the survey ends.

We can discuss/collaborate in the #debian-publicity channel or via this mailing list, as you wish.

Good luck with the survey!


Laura Arjona Reina

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