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heads up - first edition of the Debian Contributors Survey

Dear publicity team,
  together with Molly de Blanc and Mathieu ONeil, I've been working to
prepare the first edition of what we'd love to become a yearly survey of
Debian contributors. We'd like to launch it next week and keep it open
for a few weeks (max: 1 month).

The goal of the survey is twofold. The first is to take a snapshot of
the community of Debian contributors throughout the usual demographics,
and see how it evolves over time.  The second is to focus on specific
questions that might change from one edition of the survey to another;
the one we're focusing on for the first edition is the amount of
volunteer vs paid work that Debian contributors pour into the making of
our distribution.

The survey will target all Debian contributors, from bug reporters up to
the formal roles inscribed in our Constitution. It will be run on the
Free Software platform LimeSurvey. Participation in the survey will be
entirely anonymous and all questions will be optional. Myself, Molly,
and Matthieu will be responsible for data protection. At the end of the
survey we will publish the results in aggregate form only and discuss
them in a publicly available report.

In terms of promotion of survey participation, we were thinking of
starting with announcing it on d-d-a (tentatively: next Monday, Oct
31st) and reiterating it via personal blogs syndicated on planet.d.o.
But of course we'd love to hear from you what you think would be best.
Would you be interested in having a blog post about this for bits.d.o?
Anything else you'd recommend? If you're interested, we can certainly
circulate here a draft of the survey announcement.

Let us know, thanks!
Stefano Zacchiroli . zack@upsilon.cc . upsilon.cc/zack . . o . . . o . o
Computer Science Professor . CTO Software Heritage . . . . . o . . . o o
Former Debian Project Leader . OSI Board Director  . . . o o o . . . o .
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