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Re: Please review and translate: DebConf16 Call for Proposal (bits blogpost)

On Thu, Mar 17, 2016 at 10:10:49PM +0100, Laura Arjona Reina wrote:
> Dear all
> We are going to publish a blogpost in bits.debian.org for the DebConf16
> call for proposals soon. Allison Randal from the DebConf team has
> prepared the text (thanks!) and it's ready for publishing. We'll publish
> it as soon as some problem with the DebConf16 website sign up process is
> fixed.
> In the meanwhile, we appreciate reviews and translations.

Translating this, and all pending posts from 2016 into Catalan and
Spanish is my intention.

I'm going to send a message to proper lists to notify it.

Adrià García-Alzórriz
Never make anything simple and efficient when a way can be found to
make it complex and wonderful.

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