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Bug#818328: www.debian.org: "Publicity" section in intro/organization (organization.data)

Package: www.debian.org
Severity: normal

Dear all
I have updated the file intro/organization.data in order to reflect the current
Publicity delegation.

I have noted that there are other teams listed there: events and partners, so
the name of the section, "Publicity", looks strange to me.

My proposal would be to rearrange a little bit the list of the
teams/delegated/etc there and then:

1.- Rename "Publicity" section to "Communication and Outreach"
2.- Include in that sections the following teams:

* Publicity (already there)
* Website (now it's in "Support and Infrastructure")
* Planet Debian
* Consultants (now it's in "Support and Infrastructure")
* Outreach (now it's in "Support and Infrastructure")
* Partners (already there)
* Hardware donations coordination (now it's in "Support and Infrastructure") <<
this I'm not sure, if it's a job in the scope of Partners, yes.
* Debian Women (now it's in "Support and Infrastructure")
* Antiharassment (now it's in "Support and Infrastructure")
* Events (already there)

Other (simpler) approach is the opposite, move the info currently under
"Publicity", to the "Support and Infrastructure" section, and then, remove the
section "Publicity".

What do you think?

Laura Arjona Reina

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