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Re: Please update the debian logo of your service

On Sun, Jan 31, 2016 at 09:06:23PM +0100, Laura Arjona Reina wrote:
> After one month of showing logos with the mourning ribbon, and having
> honoured the memory of Ian Murdock in FOSDEM too, www.debian.org,
> bits.debian.org and a few other services will return to the usual logo
> in the next hours/days.
> We suggest that you update your services too.

So, instead of reverting a manual change in many places, with another
manual change in the same places, why don't we take this chance to
switch to something that would make things easier if ever, in the
future, we need to change the logo in many places at once?

Can we have a list of (relatively) stable URLs, with the various kinds /
form factors of logos, that are meant to be hotlinked from Debian

I'll be more happily switch to hotlinking to a www.d.o URL than back to
a version of the logo embedded in Debsources and tons of other places.

(Of course if the answer is: «good idea, we should do that, but not now»
I can do the manual revert and the switch to hotlinking when that's
ready. But this seems like a good chance to catch two birds with one

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