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Re: Debian derivative "Lernstick" Winning Swiss Open Source Education Award


Ana Guerrero Lopez <ana@debian.org> writes:

> Hi Gaudenz,
> On Thu, Nov 05, 2015 at 04:36:39PM +0100, Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:
>> Hi Publicity Team
>> Last week the Swiss Debian deriviative "Lernstick" won the Open Source
>> Education Award. This award is awarded by the Swiss Open Systems User
>> Group in cooperation with IBM.
>> It would be nice if Debian could advertize this award given to one of
>> it's non-profit derivatives a bit. Maybe by tweeting about it or
>> issueing a short press release. Or add it to the next issue of the
>> developer news. What do you think?
>> See http://www.ossawards.ch/ for more information and a press release.
>> See for a tweet that could be retweeted:
>> https://twitter.com/CH_OSS_Awards/status/659424015010963456
>> If you need help drafting some text I'm happy to assist. But I'm not
>> really aware of all the options you have to do publicity and on how to
>> best proceed. So I need your help.
> Thank you for forwading this. After a quick chat on IRC, we thought the
> best is doing a blog post in bits.debian.org. This post will be appear
> on planet and in identi.ca automatically. And we'll use the post to
> add a blurb in the next DPN.
> For the record, the post will also appear automatically in unofficial's
> Debian twitter and facebook. And semi-manually in Debian's unofficial G+
> The blog post has the advantage we also can add photo, video, etc.
> And it also supports translations now, so I guess besides English we should
> push it in French and German too at the very least.
> If you can join #-publicity to coordinate the draft there would be
> great.

This sounds great. My availability today is a bit limited. But I could
join tomorrow. Do you already have a draft somewhere?

I'll also see if there is a good photo somewhere. Or we could produce
something but this would need some days.


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