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Debian derivative "Lernstick" Winning Swiss Open Source Education Award

Hi Publicity Team

Last week the Swiss Debian deriviative "Lernstick" won the Open Source
Education Award. This award is awarded by the Swiss Open Systems User
Group in cooperation with IBM.

It would be nice if Debian could advertize this award given to one of
it's non-profit derivatives a bit. Maybe by tweeting about it or
issueing a short press release. Or add it to the next issue of the
developer news. What do you think?

See http://www.ossawards.ch/ for more information and a press release.
See for a tweet that could be retweeted:

If you need help drafting some text I'm happy to assist. But I'm not
really aware of all the options you have to do publicity and on how to
best proceed. So I need your help.


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