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Initial call for Publicity team meeting: dates/times for November 2015

Dear all

I told about calling for meeting in IRC for mid-November, but I got
feedback that it may be very late since last meeting (2015/09/21), so
I'm initially calling for first week of November (add dates sooner or
later as you wish).

This time I have chosen a different tool for picking the date:
Framadate, which is free software available in storm.debian.net.
Feedback about framadate vs dudle is also welcome.

Please enter your preferences in order to agree a date/time, and vote on
the existent ones:


Times are in UTC, I've chosen the initial ones based on previous
meetings hours (I know that this penalizes the people who has not been
able to attend before, please add yourselves your prefferred time).

Please have a look several times in the following dates, because other
people may add new days/times and we should vote on them too.

Agenda will appear in
https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Publicity/Meetings/2015-11-November with
our edits, your feedback to this thread, and my review of the last
meetings/mailing threads.


Laura Arjona

Laura Arjona Reina

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