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Re: replacing the press+bits.d.o delegations for a publicity delegation

Hi everybody

 On 28 de agosto de 2015 19:52:01 GMT+02:00, Ana Guerrero Lopez <ana@debian.org> wrote:
>Hi everybody,
>During DebConf, some of us have been talking about the current
>and bits.d.o delegation situation. We reached the conclusion it was
>about time 
>that we create a single combined team for press and publicity work,
>the current press and bits.d.o delegations. This would be also
>accompanied with
>a big update of the delegates that was already being worked on.
>We shared this idea with all the people atttending DebConf who are
>for bits.d.o or press and they all agreed it was the way to go. 
>The big idea in bullet points:
>- The existing delegations for press and bits.d.o would be removed.
>- A new 'publicity' team would be delegated
>- The new team will handle all the active projects we have right now:
>social media, blog, press releases, announcements, DPN, etc
>-  press@d.o will continue active for the time being and we'll
>the need of the alias in some months
>- This team doesn't include the current events and partner programs
>arrangements that belong to another teams.
>The current draft for the delegation is at
>I'm attaching it for more convenient reading. Please, share your
Thanks Ana.

I've read it (without comparing it with former delegations, though) and I see it ok. 

I'm honoured to be part of the delegated people, if you see it fits, no problem if not, either. My plans are to try to be more 'regular' in publicity in any case :)

>The current delegated team is small and at least Cédric and myself
>would like to add more people in the near future.
I hope we can enlarge the wider team too :)

Laura Arjona

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