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Re: [Debconf-team] Managing volunteers during DebConf

Hi debconf and publicity teams,

El 31/07/15 a las 09:45, Giacomo Catenazzi escribió:
Hello -team,

We would like to improve our use of volunteers during DebConf.  In the
past we sometimes did quite well at recruiting and using volunteers for
the video team and for talk management roles, but we also left a lot of
people who wanted to volunteer unused, while sometimes lacking people
for particular tasks when they needed to be done.

Please could someone from each team let us know the tasks for which you
could use additional volunteers?

As an implementation detail, we are looking at using a volunteer
tracking system within Summit.  You can check in
https://summittest.debconf.org/debconf15/volunteers/  [warning: it is
still beta, and work in progress].

If you think that for your task / team such system will be useful,
please lets it know (mail or IRC) and please put into
http://whiteboard.debian.net/838d22.wb an import template (see
) .

I've added a template for publicity task in the whiteboard, posting it here for reference too:

    <task template="Publicity">
        <counter>1</counter>  <<< Should we change that number?

<description>Help in the live coverage of DebConf15, together with the Debian Publicity team. Propose posts for being published in our social media channels (in English), about what is happening in DebConf15 (important events, statistics, curiosities, whatever). Use your personal account to spread the word about what @debian and @debconf publish. If you can, gather interviews for blogging them in bits.debian.org or your personal blog (reaching planet.debian.org), or write short summaries of events, to be published in the next DPN.

You don't need to spare much time for this. Just enjoy DebConf and if you see something it would be nice to spread the word about it, show up in IRC (irc.debian.org), #debian-publicity channel, and propose it ("DRAFT: your text here"). More info here https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Publicity/Identica (for social media stuff. For DPN and other media, just send your text to debian-publicity@lists.debian.org ).
        <day>every day</day>


Laura Arjona Reina

For video and talk related volunteers, we have already added to the
system these roles:
- video-team: coordinator:
--- 1 (for each talk in the 3 rooms with video)
- video-team: director:
--- 1 (for each talk in the 3 rooms with video)
- video-team: sound mixer:
--- 1 (for each talk in the 3 rooms with video)
- video-team: camera:
--- 2 (for each talk in the 3 rooms with video)

content: 1 talk master:
--- 1  (maybe min 0 on non video room)
content: moderators/mic:
--- 1 (0-2) (for each talk in the 3 rooms with video)

We will put such talk related tasks in a grid schedule (like pentabarf)
https://summittest.debconf.org/debconf15/grids/ so to have a better

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