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[maxy@debian.org: Proposal 233 - Debian Publicity: what we can do better? (Cédric Boutillier)]

Dear Team,

I received the following email from DebConf organizers about one of the
two proposals by the team (the BoF).
Do we need a large room and video coverage for this BoF?
My opinion is that since the talk (the other event) will be recorded, it
may be enough to gather the interested people for the BoF, and send a
report to the list afterwards.

What do you think?



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Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2015 23:59:10 +0200
From: Maximiliano Curia <maxy@debian.org>
To: Cédric Boutillier <boutil@debian.org>
Cc: DebConf Content Team <content@debconf.org>
Subject: Proposal 233 - Debian Publicity: what we can do better? (Cédric Boutillier)
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In DebConf15, the largest BoF room will have space for a maximum of 45 people
(and will have video coverage) and there will be a number of other smaller
rooms with space for 15 to 20 people, without video coverage.

We have quite a number of BoF proposals, and only a few of them will get video
coverage, which is of course a hard decision to take, as not all of the
currently submitted BoFs will get video coverage.

For all these reasons we ask you to consider the following options:
- Will your BoF be mostly for the people present in the room, and thus does
  not require video coverage? If so, please make sure that the "video
  recording" box is not ticked.
- Would it make sense to split it into two sections, one that can be streamed
  and one that can be just in-person? If so, you could submit a second event,
  or add a comment in the already existing one to let us know.

Whatever you decide to do, please also tell us by replying to this email.

Disclaimer: we are still deciding on the proposals and this request does not
imply an approval.

Maxy on behalf of the
DebConf Content Team
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