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Re: press at DebConf15

Hi Richard,

thanks for the nice feedback! And even more for the already existing press release! I will use it for the further press communication. So I will try to get in touch with taz, FAZ and Süddeutsche. Very good idea to offer interviews - what I will do and to be honest: already did: I offered Heise that they could talk with for example a developer or security maintainer :-)) - even better, that I now can offer the DPL himself :-). Neil - thanks for your offer!

If someone from the press wants special "press treatment" like a timeslot for an interview during the conference - I will let you know.


On 13.05.2015 20:46, Richard Hartmann wrote:
Hi Silvia,

this is great news; thanks a _lot_.

The short answers is that you more than welcome to invite any and all
journalists you can drum up interest from.

You have covered tech news outlets and tech-near-ish news outlets
rather well in your expanded list already; if we are reaching for the
stars, Deutsche Welle, ARD, WDR, the various state-level
news/tech/weird stations like Bayern 5 or BR Alpha etc etc would be
very nice as well.

We do have an interest to bring the topics of Free Software and
related to a non-technical audience as well. We just don't have the
contacts and, frankly, the time to really go after them.

Do those news outlets need anything from us? Maybe a press badge would
be useful in their eyes? Interview partners with dedicated time slots?
Maybe a reasonably quiet room to cut audio reports in?
No promises made, but if we know what they need, we can try and
accommodate them.

I did write a press release in German which should have been reviewed
by a professional journalist, but that never came to be. If you want,
I can send you that blurb for feedback and/or distribution.

Thanks once again,

On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 8:21 PM, Silvia Frank <silvia.c.frank@web.de> wrote:
Hi publicity-/ DebConf press team,

Since I am in touch with some of the German IT journalists anyway, I talked
with some press contacts about DebConf15 and if they would like to attend. I
got the following feedback:

* Hans-Joachim Baader (co-founder and editor of prolinux): he wants to come,
just has to check the dates, if it will be possible

* Jan Kleinert (chief editor or Linux Magazin): Unfortunatly nobody from
Linux Mag will come (because they are understaffed due to summer holidays
during DebConf)

* Oliver Diedrich (chief editor of Heise open/ c't): Heise is also quite
thinly-staffed during the summer holidays, but potentially Micro Dölle from
c't will come for one day to Heidelberg and maybe also someone from iX -
they're scheduling the summer tasks of the editorial staff at the moment.
Oliver Diedrich will let me know, as soon as they know if somebody can

In addition to our phone calls, I send all of them an email with the press
contact details for DebConf15 as written here:

* Jörg Thoma, golem: I just wrote an email

Let me know, if there are other IT media in Germany (like for example
Computerwoche or tecchannel....) which you think would be a good idea to
invite to DebConf - maybe I'm already in touch with them and can make a
quick call :-)

Do you think, it would be a good idea to invite the IT-related journalists
from taz, Süddeutsche and FAZ as well? Are there any local newspapers in
Heidelberg and around, which could be interested in DebConf?

I will be also for some days at DebConf in Heidelberg - looking very much
forward to meet you all... ;-).


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